Fitting Cruise Control to A TD5 Discovery 2  (edited for Discovery2.co.uk)          


All Credit for the original write up goes to AJWB From the LRO forum, his site is here

 ALL discovery 2 TD5's are "cruise" ready, it just needs "hooking up!!!.......Read On!!!

"Cruise control is a great extra on any car. It's perfect on long motorway journeys, and for sticking to the speed limit if you're protective of your license. But if your Disco doesn't come with it, it must be expensive to fit. Or is it?"

The truth is kits can be bought for very little money, and fitted easily. The wires are already there, so all you need to do is fit the buttons. The cheapest place to get the parts are from a Land Rover Dealer, or from an independent specialist who has access to genuine parts.  There are "kits" that are sold on Ebay, but they are little overpriced in my opinion.

The parts you will need are the steering wheel switches PartNo YUH100320 and the cruise master switch PartNo YUH100370 for Pre facelift Disco's (ash grey) or For Face lift YUH000170PUY (black)

First off, it's a good idea to disconnect the battery Negative lead.  (DON'T FORGET YOU WILL NEED YOUR RADIO CODE!!!!.)This is because you'll be removing the airbag, and you don't want it to go off while you're trying to work on your car. There is also some debate on whether you need to let it to discharge, but I'd advise it's a good idea to be on the safe side by leaving it for at least 10 minutes before starting work.

Whilst waiting for the battery to discharge, you can replace the blank switch to the right of the steering wheel with the cruise control master switch. This is very easy to do, just gently pull the blank switch and insert the master switch in it's place.

Now, turn the steering wheel 90˚ to reveal the 2 screws behind the wheel. Use a torx screwdriver to undo these, then carefully pull off the front of the steering wheel and unplug the airbag.

Once the Airbag is removed, its a good idea to store it with the deployment side facing upwards, so "if" it was to go off by accident it does not take off like a missile!!

Now for the hard bit. You need to cut a hole in the steering wheel. If you bought a kit that came with the template, attach it to the right side of the steering wheel, draw round it and then cut the hole. If you have no template, then the hole will be a "mirror image" of the other side where the radio controls are.

If you've cut the hole the correct size, you should easily be able to secure the mounting bracket and attach the switch. This is where the problem lies if you bought the switches from the dealer as opposed to a "kit" that used to be available from places like Discoparts as the bracket that holds the switch is not available as a separate part.

***I believe that the bracket and mounting screw "should" come with the switch, check it once you have ordered it***

If it does not come with the bracket, then you will need to make one by copying the radio control switch bracket on the other side. Once you have made a bracket, mount it to the steering wheel and there should be some wires hanging down, attach these to the switch.

Reconnect the airbag and tighten the bolts to 9NM or 7LBS ft and replace the steering wheel cover. Reconnect the battery and take your Disco for a spin, it should now have cruise control!

It's a very simple mod, but definitely worth doing if you don't have cruise !!