Tow Ball / Removable Drop Plate         

After removing my UK spec tow bar and Fitting the NAS tow Hitch, I had temporarily lost the actual tow ball part of the towing setup, but as I don't tow anything that often, It was a while before I got something sorted.

I did consider modifying the existing drop plate from my UK tow bar and using that, but by the time I had probably paid someone to weld a square 2" tube onto it, I could probably have bought one anyway. So I searched around and came across this one below. Its made with the same thickness of  steel as the original, and also has a black powder coated finish

It has 3 positions to bolt the tow ball in, so its as "adjustable" as the previous UK fitted tow bar, I used my existing Dixon Bate Tow ball and Pin so even with the drop plate fitted in the NAS hitch, the pin option for recovery is still there to use if needed.

The drop plate fits snuggly into the NAS receiver, It is drilled with a standard 5/8" hole and again can be locked in place with the Trimax retaining pin / lock.

I'm very happy with how it fits and looks, and when its in position it looks very similar to the original genuine Land Rover tow setup I had before, It sits in almost an identical place to the original one....... but off course its completely removable !!