Exhaust Upgrade :- "Twisted Performance" Mid pipe.            

Whilst at the Billing Land Rover show, amongst the offroading, a little shopping was done. I did not really need that much at the time, although you "could" spend thousands at Billing as we all know!!

However whilst wandering around I found the Twisted performance stand who do exhaust upgrades for the TD5 amongst others. One of the common ones is to replace the middle silencer with a "straight through" pipe.

I bought one on the day and fitted it myself. It fits very well into the factory system, and being made from stainless steel, it will outlast the rest as well.

If you bolts on your exhaust all come undone with no issues, it would not take long at all to fit. Mine was a little more difficult as the studs on the rear section that connect to the middle silencer were basically no good to even attempt undoing them.

So with this in mind I cut the studs off, this allowed me to get the mid and rear section of the exhaust apart. The front to mid section came undone no problem, as this had been un done not to long ago when I had a new front / down pipe fitted.

Above circled is where I had to cut off the studs as they were so badly corroded.

Once the rear section was off, I had to cut of the remaining studs, and grind the surface flat, then drilled out the holes to allow me to connect the 2 pieces together with nuts and bolts. Here it is installed below. It DEF makes the engine more responsive, but on a negative side you can hear the exhaust more in the cabin at certain RPM's. I will keep it on for now and see how it goes..