Fuel Flap Switch (additional)           

 This is one of the "small" mods I have added after seeing interior pictures of "facelift" Discovery's. Below is the dash layout of a pre facelift Disco 2, you can see the fuel flap release switch is in the middle of the switch pack on the right hand side. Now this works well, as designed, but because I was used to cars that did not have a release as they were just unlocked with the central locking, I quite often found I had already got out at petrol stations and forgot to press it, so you had to lean right in to press the switch, maybe its lazy I don't know, but I just thought it was to far away if you forgot.....

Land Rover must agree with me as from 2003 they fitted the switch on the right hand side of the Instrument cluster which makes it easy to reach if you get out and forget.

So after noticing this in pictures I had seen, I ordered a switch from the local dealer, and then simply spliced into the existing circuit behind the original switch, run the wires up to the new switch position, and connected to the switch using very small blade crimps, now if I forget its at easy reach just inside the door, or if anyone else is in the car, I can shout to them and they can reach the original one as well. It also fills a blank that was there in the dash switch pack.