Front and Rear Lamp Protection

Here below you can see the car before and after I installed the Land Rover Lamp Guards. There is many different types / manufacturers out there to choose from, How ever, I decided in the end to Fit genuine front an rear Lamp guards so I knew that they would fit well and look good to. They come with simple installation instructions, but do require you to drill 4 holes in your front wings, and 4 holes in your front grille, so make sure you want them before you go ahead, as there is no turning back !!!


AFTER  Nice hey!!

 The upper rear lamp guards just require removal of the screws that hold the existing light clusters in, and then put the lamp guards in place and fit the new longer screws supplied with the fitting kit. The lower bumper guards do require 2 holes drilled each side to fit in the nut plates. Agian be sure you want them before you start drilling !!!.

 NOTE .........The lower lamp guards are not compatible with vehicles fitted with rear parking sensors......