Rear Diff Guard / Rock Slider               

Another important add on to your Discovery is to add some diff protection. The diffs themselves are pretty strong and will clear their own way in mud, how ever if you do any rocky trails or go wading when you don't know quite what's in there, you "may" come across a rock or stone etc and a good clout on the diff pan can crack or puncture it.

As with any mods you can buy for the Land Rover range, there is always several options out there. You can buy bolt on guards, weld on ones, plates that cover the whole axle etc etc. All of them have advantages and disadvantages and its down to personal choice and budget. You will hear stories for and against all the different designs, just make up your own mind and go with it !!

The one I chose for the rear diff on my disco 2 is also called a "rock" slider, it wraps around the diff  completely and also provides some protection for the rear prop shaft flange to.

Its made by a company called QT Services and is available direct from them, or through the usual large Land Rover outlets.

Heres what comes in the "package"

It comes with good instructions for fitting, the main guard, top bracket, and a few bolts.

Follow the easy to read installation instructions and you cant go wrong. The top bracket is fitted to 2 existing diff flange bolts, you then hold the guard in position and loosely fit the front to bolts, and the top bolt that secures it to the top bracket. Once its all in place tighten all the bolts up firmly and job jobbed!!. I did it buy just crawling underneath, but if the car is over a pit or up on a ramp, it would be even quicker and easier. Below is what it looks like fitted, It still leaves access to both the fill and drain plugs of the diff as well.