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 Disco Parts that you want to sell, or any parts accessory's you want. Then send me your details and I can add them here for FREE !!. I will provide your details and contact information here and will take no part or responsibility for any sales / wanted that take place.

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Genuine Discovery 2 Used "04" Transfer Lever / Linkage AND Diff lock cable, brackets etc, + Diff lock embossed "knob" for High / low transfer lever included... THE best way to add a C.D.L to a Discovery 2 with a "locking" transfer case. Hard to come by and not available to buy new anymore.. VGC.


Click here to see picture of linkage

NOTE:- You must have a "lockable" LT230 transfer box

contact :- admin@discovery2.co.uk


Genuine Discovery 2 "Saudi" (GCC) spec Grille (mesh). Rare item not normally on "euro" discovery's. over 400 from the Dealer. Only ever fitted to limited edition (Trek & Kalahari)  and Gulf spec vehicles.

Good for both TD5's (more air to intercooler) and V8's (more air for cooling). Pictures on request. New in the box, unpainted,  never fitted. Add a touch of class and individuality to your D2.

Part No DHB102660LML

NOTE - Fits Pre-facelift cars only.

200 + p&p

contact :- admin@discovery2.co.uk