Underbody Protection . Steering Guard              

As we all know the steering linkage etc is about the most vulnerable bits of the Discovery. As I wish to keep my Discovery as good underneath as I do on top, I decided to add some protection "just in case" (and coz it looks good !!). I will probably never "extreme" off road my Disco, however it will venture to the desert and do some green laning and off road days at my local site, and maybe a wider range around the country. As with anything available to "bolt" on these Land Rovers, there is a big choice of steering guards out there, some include recovery and jacking points to. I didn't need recovery points as I have them built into the Factory "A" bar, and as far as high lift jacking goes, well I still have to look into those options.

I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to purchase a "Mantec" steering guard. These are what was fitted to the Land Rover G4 vehicles for the G4 challenge. Mantec make lots of additional items for all models of Land Rover and their kit is generally well respected. So when this guard popped up, I had no hesitation in buying it and bolting it to the truck. I don't "currently" have any more pictures, but the front end will be coming off again soon to add the winch plate which is when I will add some more pictures. The guard comes with a full fitting kit and easy to understand instructions, in fact it is designed "that good" there is no margin for error as it really has to fit in exactly the right place. Its made from 8mm aluminium plate bolted to a steel powder coated support frame.

I did this job on my own, but if you have someone around to help you it would be advisable. As you can see from this photo, it really is discrete unless you get down and have a good look underneath, and it fits superbly with all the standard trim / bumper. Just a small note to add, the guard fits up onto the "crash" cans behind the bumper and the "original" bolts that go through there are only just long enough to accommodate the steering guard to, if like me your going to add a winch plate you will def need to buy some longer bolts.

Here is what it looks like before it disappears up underneath, Black Steel frame, with and 8mm Aluminium plate bolted in 8 locations.