Tow Hitch Recovery Point / Shackle          

My previous factory tow bar was fitted with a Dixon Bate tow ball / Jaw and pin combination which was useful off road as the pin section was easy to attach ropes or shackles to. Now the NAS hitch is fitted and I will have to get my drop plate modified to accommodate the Tow ball for towing, I looked into some sort of "other" recovery point

There are 2" receiver shackle brackets available to fit straight into the NAS type hitch, so the search was on. I found them available in this country, but as per usual they are quite expensive, so I again looked to the U.S to see what was about. Below is what I bought, I managed to buy it and get it shipped from the U.S and still saved 10 over the UK price !!.

Its Rated at 9500 LBS

It simply slots into the 2" Tow hitch receiver and even comes with a 4 3/4 ton tested bow shackle to. It is again pre-drilled with a standard class III 5/8 hole, so it can be locked in place with my lock pin which I bought also from the U.S. The lock pin is not included and details of that are on the NAS Hitch page

Here it is in place

Now it makes it easy to connect ropes or hooks etc and use the rear tow hitch as a good strong recovery point, and it looks good to !!

Click here for the Tow ball Drop plate