"A" Bar / Nudge Bar               

The "A" bar or Nudge bar on my Disco was fortunately already there when I purchased the car, come to think of it, it probably helped a lot in the decision to buy it as I like 4x4's with them fitted, what ever make they are. There is as we all know lots of public opinion about them, and new changes to the law now make it illegal to fit one of metal construction like what is fitted to my disco. If your car has already got one, don't panic you don't have to remove it. If you buy one second hand to fit to your vehicle, I'm unsure how the law affects that, so I would advise you do some of your own research into the new rules, google is always a good start !!

The basic idea of the the A bar or Nudge bar is to help protect the front of the vehicle when off road, the traditional "bull" bar has its own reason for being there as the name suggests. If mine never had one fitted, then I definitely would have looked for one to fit, what type / colour ,metal or plastic, who knows but one would have gone on asap. They also provide useful mounting points front Driving or spot lamps.

Mine happens to be a "genuine" Land Rover A bar, and is available (or was) in stainless steel like mine or in black, both have the same shape and its just personal choice which you prefer. It simply fits through 2 slots cut in the bumper and mounts onto 2 brackets that are supplied with the A bar, these brackets fit over the front "crash cans" on the end of the chassis rails, and then the A bar bolts to those.

The brackets that are used to mount it replace the existing front towing eye bracket, hence the A bar now also includes 2 front recovery points, useful for break downs or even when off road. I recently took my truck to a local off road site and had a day in the mud, during the day I was there, the A bar Definitely provided the protection its designed for to the front bumper / valance, the evidence is clear by the marks now on the A bar, that if it was not there I may have had a large bill to pay for repairs/ damage to the front end.

Below is just a couple of pictures to show "the look", you can also see the spot lights I have mounted to the A bar to.

Below you can see the 2 Recovery points built into the A bar mounts.