Hitch Brake Light               

After The NAS hitch was all fitted, I then looked for some more ideas

Whilst I will be using the tow hitch for towing, and for recovery, there is also some other things you can add to. Earlier you saw the hitch with the Land Rover blanking plug on it, well I also looked into some other "stuff". To make use of the hitch while its not in use, I also bought a Brake light that is designed to fit a 2" class 3 receiver. It simply slots in as with any other attachment, it also has the pre-drilled 5/8 hole, so the hitch lock will keep it there to.

You can see its pre-wired with US tow electric plugs which are obviously no good to me, so these were cut off and replaced with something I could use. With the hitch light being "in the elements" it will probably be subject to dirt and water, so I bought some waterproof connectors online from Vehicle wiring products and wired the hitch light with a waterproof plug.

After splicing from the rear left brake lights on the car and running the loom down behind the rear lights and under the chassis to meet the tow hitch area, I then fitted the other half of the connector (socket) to the vehicle wiring and attached it to the chassis in a hole that was nearby with a re-useable tie wrap. Now I can easily unplug the hitch light at anytime to remove it.

The Wire from the hitch light just runs through the tow hitch and plugs in to the new waterproof socket.

So now we have a low level brake light to !!. Its just a gimmick really, but I like it and the more lights you have the better you'll be seen if you ask me.

To remove the light takes 20 seconds at most unlock the receiver lock, unplug the light and just slide it out !!

A little while after buying the "standard" hitch light, I came into contact with a guy that made "custom" ones using neons instead of traditional bulbs. So I e-mailed him and asked that if I drew my own design could he let me know if it was possible. I then set out to draw / design my own light and promptly sent it to him. He confirmed it could be done and after agreeing the final look and cost into production it went !!!


NOW HOW COOL IS THAT !!!!!!!!!!!

Also now the hitch can be used for a rear recovery point to.