Roof Rack Mounted - Rear Work Lamp           

 One of the other useful mods that's common to fit to Land Rover is the work lamp at the rear of the vehicle. Sometimes they are fitted straight to the body of the vehicle, but others as you would expect fit 1 or even 2 to the rear of the roof rack.

After recently getting an Safety Devices Roof Rack, it actually already had a rear Lamp fitted to it, but it was not wired up. The roof rack is designed with a bracket already fitted / welded to it, so even if I had not already got a light it was one of things I was going to add.

Most work lamps are about 55w or more, so really need a separate supply routing up there to control them. Whilst fitting the new spot lights on the front, it made sense to run in the new cable for the work lamp at the same time. The other issue to be concerned with is how your going to turn it of or on, you could simply run a supply to the lamp direct from the battery and have a switch on the lamp (as mine has) an use that, how ever that would be open to "abuse" and its best to have it operable from inside the cabin. You could also have it operate from the reverse light circuit, this again would be useful for reversing, but would not be switch able for when your routing around behind the vehicle unless it was left in reverse.

I chose to re-use the Discovery Series 1 switch and carrier assy I had originally used for the First Roof rack lights. It simply fits where the ashtray goes, and using the Fog lamp switch it looks factory and the symbol even looks like a rear facing work lamp.

The Lamp gets its supply direct from the battery from the same place as the Roof rack lights, and because its 55w, it runs through and is controlled once again by a standard 4 pin automotive relay which is again mounted inside the interior fuse box panel. The relay is powered from an ignition supply that runs through the switch, this way the light cannot be operated with out the ignition on.

The light also has a toggle switch on the lamp unit itself, so it can also be switched off and on from the back, but the master dash switch has the final say. I may add a supply from the reverse light circuit so that it switches it on when in reverse irrespective of the dash switch position...

The supply comes up to the roof rack with the new roof rack spots supply as I did them all at the same time.

They are all contained in plastic conduit to keep them neat and tidy from where they come out of the inside of the car as the relays are mounted inside the fuse box panel. (see roof rack lights). From the engine bay, they go through a whole in the bulkhead which is already there under the soundproofing just near the heated front screen loom, and along the windscreen scuttle panel, then out by the snorkel and up to the roof rack.

The cables are routed under the roof rack in smaller conduit tubing and tie wrapped where needed. The light has a handle on the top so it can be tipped up or down and turned left or right on its mounting.