Safety Devices "Highlander" Roof Rack.                

Well, It took 18 months to find one, and losing out on 4 EBay auctions, but finally I got one of the SD racks for my D2. I have wanted one of these from the first day I saw one, but they are very hard to come by. They were fitted to all the G4 Discovery's for the G4 challenge, and the Discovery 1's had a "similar" version for the camel trophy, they were also available through Land Rover Dealers around the world, but they did command a very high price.

Safety devices "low" version Roof Rack on a G4 Disco 2

The G4 Discos had no sunroofs or roof rails fitted, so they had a "low" version that sits very close to the roof line, Safety Devices then produced a "high" version for sale, this will fit vehicles with factory fitted roof rails, and will still allow full sunroof operation if they are fitted

Safety Devices no longer makes these roof racks, so its a case of finding a "used" one. I have always kept an eye out, and even advertised a wanted add on this website to try and locate one, I lost out on 4 Ebay auctions to buy one, but recently secured one and I am extremely happy with it.

In my opinion, there is not a better looking roof rack for the Disco 1 or 2, yes there is more practical, lighter etc aluminum ones out there, but they just don't look right in my opinion.

If you have a Roof tent, then a SD rack is probably not for you as it would have to be heavily modified to accommodate one, and that would to be honest ruin it. I don't intend to ever have a roof tent as I don't want that amount of extra weight up on top, yes there is positives for having a roof tent, but that's a different topic to discuss /cover at a later date.

The roof rack is heavy on its own, and takes 4 people to fit it safely to the vehicle, it simply clamps to the gutters like the factory rack I did have,  it includes 4 spot light mounts and a rear work light mount as well. The G4 Disco racks were decked in 9mm ply and weather proofed, my rack came already decked with chequer plate which was a big bonus, but there are lots of options on what to use.


4 New Round Spot lights were purchased to fit the new SD rack as they look better than the square ones would do which is what I had on the first roof rack. I used the same wiring / switch installation that I had for the first rack, but it was all re-routed, it now goes up to the roof rack at the front of the vehicle by the snorkel. Details here.

The rack also came with a work lamp already installed, so that was consequently wired up to a dash switch using a Disco series 1 Fog lamp switch. New wring had to be installed for that, details here.

Roof Rack Decked in Ali Chequer plate

As well as the new spot light installations, I added a CB antenna mount to the centre / rear of the roof rack, you can see it in the picture above. I "may" have to move that when I sort out what goes where up there, but for now it provides a good solid "fixed" mounting for the CB "Springer" antenna. Details here